Do you pay our bills for us?

No, you are the one responsible for your finances. We will help you make a budget that works and is effective in achieving your financial goals. We will help you formulate a game plan for eliminating debt. If your situation is dire we will help you deal with collectors by teaching you your rights and how to communicate with them.

Does my spouse have to come with me?

Yes, we can not and will not offer our services to only one spouse. We realize the importance of this and our schedules are flexible to allow you and your spouse the ability to find time to sit down with us together.

What exactly is Financial Coaching?

Financial Coaching is working one on one with someone who has the heart of a teacher and a passion for wanting to see you succeed. Blueskies Financial Coaching is a fee based service that will walk you through your specific financial issues and give you a clear game plan to help you eliminate debt, build wealth and give.

Who decides how the money is spent?

Ultimately, you do. What we teach is the fact that money is finite and how to prioritize. How to write a zero based budget based on regular or irregular income. We teach Gods way of handling money.

What can I expect from coaching and how much do you charge?

Please refer to the services and fees pages of our website

How can I pay you when I am am having trouble paying the bills I have now?

Some people who seek out the services of a Financial Coach are also considering bankruptcy. The cost of Bankruptcy in Michigan is approximately $325 to file the paperwork with the state, and another $600- $2000 in attorney fees. That brings the total cost of filing Bankruptcy to $925-$2325. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can potentially cost as  much as $3000 since your lawyer will be attached to the case for 3 to 5 years. You also have to pay to attend some type of financial training. After all is said and done, your credit carries a bankruptcy hit and your checks are garnished in order to pay for a Chapter 13. Typically, the charge for a financial coach is much less than a bankruptcy. In addition, a coach partners with and educates you during the process. You learn how to regain control while maintaining your dignity and honor. At the end of the financial coaching process, you will have gained the knowledge to change your behaviors and be empowered to confidently move forward and avoid similar situations in the future.

What if we don’t live in your area?
While face to face coaching is optimal, we do have the ability to coach via the phone or Facetime/Skype/Zoom. The only requirement we have is an environment free of distractions during your coaching session.