FB_IMG_1456331531332Blueskies Financial Coaching offers a variety of Coaching options. We work with individuals, couples, and businesses. We do not sell any investment products or insurance products. We offer solutions without a sales pitch.

Basic Financial Coaching – According to the Wall Street Journal  70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Our coaching will provide the client with the knowledge and tools to gain control over their finances. We will create a list of priorities based on the clients needs and give them the ability to tell their money where they want it to go and how they want it to work. The client will become successful by changing their habits and the way they handle money. They will learn about the major components of a healthy financial plan including budgeting, cash flow planning, debt snowball, three to six month emergency fund, insurance needs, retirement and college planning, having a will, and charitable giving.

Crisis coaching –Everybody has the potential to find themselves in a financial mess. They often get into this position one small decision at a time. Our Crisis Coaching will help you address your current financial challenges and develop a plan for meeting basic living expenses.

Pre Marital coaching – Money arguments or values are statistically very high on the reasons for getting a divorce. Pre marital financial coaching will help couples understand how different personalities, and the different sexes view and prioritize the handling of money. It will also help them create a combined cash flow that will allow them to eliminate debt and build wealth after the transition of marriage.

Small Business coaching – BSFC is a small business and we are committed to helping other businesses operate in a fiscally responsible manner. Our small business coaching will transfer the practices of our basic financial coaching and apply them to your small business. We will teach you how to eliminate debt, establish adequate cash flow, and build an emergency fund for your business.

Basic Cash-flow Planning We can meet with you to review your budget and help you achieve your financial goals. We will teach you how to formulate a game plan to eliminate your debt, start investing, save for big purchases, and build wealth.