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Dan & Ann Stevens

Dan and Ann have been Financial Coaches since 2010 and have been leading Financial Peace University Classes since 2005. They have been Ramsey Preferred Coaches since 2016.

Their journey began when they each found themselves in the middle of financial "messes" as single adults. They like to say, "If there was a mistake to make with money, we probably did it." 

Dan learned about Dave Ramsey earlier in his own journey and introduced Ann to him while they were still dating. They worked hard as single adults, and then as a newly married couple to change the course of their financial lives. Between them, they survived a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, paid off $95,000 of student loan and consumer debt, bought out a leased vehicle, built an emergency fund, spent the emergency fund, and then rebuilt it again.

When you work with them, you will find compassion, wisdom, and experience balanced with the ability and willingness to speak truth into your situation even if it's not always what you want to hear.

Many people wonder where the business name "Blueskies" comes from. Dan was a skydiver back in the day and "Blue Skies" is a term that has many meanings, one of which is to describe the perfect diving conditions ~ clear skies, low wind, not too hot, not too cold . Ann went with him once (on a cloudy ~ but not too cloudy ~ day) and the view of the blue sky above the clouds inspired her to see the world differently ~ to see the possibilities just beyond the challenges. When they coach their clients, they have a singular goal ~ to help them see life above the clouds. To see their way clear. To experience the freedom that comes as they walk through their financial journey and emerge on the other side ~ thriving. 

When they aren't coaching, you will find them spending time with their two children, biking, kayaking, hiking, or generally looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors. If it's raining, they'll be reading or planning their next adventure.

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take a step"

                   Naeem Callaway

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